Tic Tac Toe in Java
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Tic Tac Toe  is a logical game developed in java platform.This project will help you to understand how to develope an application in java platform....


Project Tic-Tac-Toe is a logical game developed in java platform. It was developed using jdk and Net beans IDE 6.7.It has a built in network Player module and can be even played in two player mode. It was done in my java training program. The basic requirements of an application are included in this project like Networking, database connection, awt; swing etc. there is a chat box is embedded in this game for the communication between the players. I promise that this project will show you how to develop a core java application.

First View

Network Game Mode

Displaying Result

Chat Box

The article provides some basic knowledge in database connection, network connection etc.This article is guide line for beginners in java.

Using the Project

The project can be open in the following ways

1. Install the jdk  in the system
2. Install the net beans ide 6.7   
3. Open the project location through ‘open project’ menu in the net beans ide
4. Create the .jar file by selecting the menu ‘clean and build ‘
5. Run the project by selecting the ‘run’ menu


Creating the .jar file using command prompt and execute the .jar file

Points of Interest

Some of the features and classes of Java in this project used are: JPanel,JFrame,GridLayout, JLabel,JTextArea,JTextField,AWT,Swing,drawRect,fillRect,paint,thread,MS Access,NetBeans IDE 6.7, JDK.


Article Created in 20/8/2012

Please download the source code and the Installation file from the below link and try experimenting with the source code.

Installation File

Source Code



Ajith Chandran is an Engineering graduate, he completes his B.Tech (Compute Science) degree in MG university, he is a java programmer, also he has certificate in Ethical Hacking technology.

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