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In this internet technology era, people are still finding it difficult to get answers to some of the unique problems which might change the way human beings will leave in this world. Researches are going in many parts of the world which are mostly inter disciplinary in nature. This means that in order to get answer to a certain problem, we not only needs to know one subject like computer science but might needs to know about subjects like biology, physics etc.  This is where the role of inter disciplinary discussion platform like TEK-TIPS and a  technical/subject expert like you is coming into picture.

If you believe that you are a technical/subject expert and have the passion of helping others in your spare time, simply fill up the form below with your background and E Mail address. We will add you to the appropriate TEK-TIPS experts group.  You will receive e mails directly to your Inbox when somebody post a question in the discussion forum specific to the topics of your interest.  You can directly answer directly form the link provided in the E Mail.

At any point of time , if you are not interested in continuing as a TEK-TIPS expert, simply send an E Mail with e mail removal request, we will remove your E Mail address from the list.

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