Basics of Windows and Graphics Programming in VC++
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Recently while giving a basic training course on VC++, I felt the need to develop a short VC++ video tutorial in the form of a sample project called “ShapesExample” to help reinforce the concepts taught in the training session. This project will show you how to develop a basic VC++ application which will receive some input from the dialog and display some of the basic primitive shapes (Like circle, square, line) and text based on the user selection form the Dialog. The ShapesExample tutorial will also explain how to upgrade a VC++ 6.0 project to Visual Studio 2005 and use some of the features in VS 2005.  

ShapesExample Screen shots

Shapes Example Project Screen Shot   


This article assumes that you have some basic knowledge in C++ concepts like class , member variables, constructor, virtual function etc.  

Basic Work Flow Diagram

The basic steps which I used in the development of the VC++ program are given below.

Using the Project

The basic usage of the Visual studio IDE and some of the MFC libraries are illustrated in the 3 part video series given below.

Part 1 – Developing the Basic VC++ Skeleton Graphical User Interface

Part 2 – Draw the basic shapes based on the User inputs

Part 3 – Upgrade the VC++ 6.0 projects to VS 2005

Please download the source code and the associated project binaries form the below link and try experimenting with the source code and binaries so that you will get a feel of what is discussed in this tutorial.

Points of Interest

Some of the features and classes of VC++ used in these tutorials are, MFC App Wizard, Single Document Interface , SDI Application, CWinApp, CView, CDocument,  CFrameWnd ,CString, CDC , CDialog, CComboBox , Visual Studio 6.0 , Visual Studio 2005.


10/12/2011 - Article Created


ShapesExample Source

ShapesExample Binaries

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Posted: 24/05/2017
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