Dot net Framework Data structure Library Performance test
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Recently while working on the performance tuning of one of our web based products, I felt the need of a tool to test performance of one of our important data structure (based on ArrayList) on large volumes of web based data. Basically we need to take a decision whether to incorporate performance related code when the number web pages increases more than 5000. The tool presented in this article is the outcome of that thinking.

This tool will help you to identify which type of .NET Data Structure class (List<>, ArrayList, Dictionary<> ) will be useful in your scenario.

What basically it does is to create an class object and add N number of records to the specified data structure and create a report which will show the following items.

1. Total Number Records

2. Total Insertion time in each type of data structure.

3. Searching time of a specific item in the data structure.

Screen Shot of the Project
The figure shows the basic screen shot of the project.

Report Screen Shot
Screen shot of the project results.

Download Source Code
Download Source Code

Download Binaries
Download the executable of the project.

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Tom Thomas
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His major interests are in Optical Networking, Robotics, Device drivers, Database, Graphics, web applications, Software product Engineering, Open source Technologies and Sports physics.

He resides in Kerala ,India, with his mother, wife and his little angel.

He can be reached on Skype at this ID thomas_tom99 or at his E Mail address tom.thomas (at)


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