How to customize FolderBrowserDialog's title(Caption)?
Possible to change FolderBrowserDialog's title?
In a windows forms application.

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Posted on: 11/05/2012
I had done this in VC++ years back. Is your language in VC++ or C#.NET?.


Posted on: 11/05/2012
 See a sample code specially the one in Bold in VC++.. Hope this helps..

CXSBrowseFolder::retCode CXSBrowseFolder::Show(HWND parent, LPSTR pathBuffer)

    // Passed in a NULL pointer (!)

    if (!pathBuffer)
        return RET_NOPATH;

    // Return value for the function
    retCode ret = RET_OK;


    // Set up the params
    BROWSEINFO browseInfo;

    // The dialog must have a parent

    browseInfo.hwndOwner        = parent;
    browseInfo.pidlRoot            = m_root;
    browseInfo.pszDisplayName    = m_displayName;
    browseInfo.lpszTitle        = m_title;
    browseInfo.ulFlags            = m_style;

    browseInfo.lpfn                = NULL;
    browseInfo.lParam            = 0;
    // Show the dialog
    itemIDList = SHBrowseForFolder (&browseInfo);

    // Did user press cancel?
    if (!itemIDList)
        ret = RET_CANCEL;

    // Is everything so far?
    if (ret != RET_CANCEL) {
        // Get the path from the returned ITEMIDLIST
        if (!SHGetPathFromIDList(itemIDList, pathBuffer))
            ret = RET_NOPATH;
        // Now we need to free the ITEMIDLIST the shell allocated
        LPMALLOC    shellMalloc;
        HRESULT        hr;

        // Get pointer to the shell's malloc interface
        hr = SHGetMalloc(&shellMalloc);

        // Did it work?
        if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) {

            // Free the shell's memory

            // Release the interface

return ret;

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