how to retrive values from EXListViewItem
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In my project i used an EXListViewItem. How can i retrieve corresoponding column values.

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Posted on: 11/07/2013
Most of the list related controls have and item list where you can get the specified item in the index.

Try this code snippet..

    for (int i = 0; i < lv.Items.Count; i++)
    // is i the index of the row I selected?
    if (lv.Items[i].Selected == true)
    //I show here the second field text (SubItems[1].Text) from the selected row(Items[i])

 No.That is not working,because i placed label in that coulmns(dynamically). Actually i want to retrieve text of that label.
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Posted on: 12/07/2013

I found the answer

 String test=((EXControlListViewSubItem)lstv.Items[1].SubItems[1]).MyControl.Text;
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