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I'm looking at two different starters. st1) is rated at 2.5 kW 2nd) is rated at 8.3k W

Both starters are internally geared with a planetary system. I'm sure that I know the answer to my questions but, I want to make sure before spending any money.

Question 1) Is the kW rating for the electric motor or is it for the final drive gear?

The large starter Horsepower rating g is 3.32 times larger than the small starter. 3.32 is (8.3 kW / 2.5 kW)

Question 2) If the small starter requires an additional 17:1 gear reduction to start the engine then would the larger starter with a 5.120:1 gear reduction start the engine? 5.120 is (17 / 3.32)

This project is the making of a direct cranking starter for my dragster. Traditionally the Bendix Eclipse E80 and 1416 series aircraft starters have been the standard. However the supply is limited and the price is HIGH.

If the 8.3 kW starter with an additional 5.120:1 gear reduction will perform the same as the 2.5 kW starter with an additional 17:1 gear reduction then I'm good to go.


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