How to setup GMail in Outlook
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Gmail is without doubt the most popular web based email service. However you need to have Internet access to read webmail. Here in this article we discuss about an option to read your emails offline in your PC or Laptop while you are disconnected from the internet. You can access Gmail using Microsoft Outlook client which is a part of Microsoft Office Suite. Here are the details on how to configure Outlook to access Gmail. All the current versions of Outlook like 2007/2010/2013 can be configured to access Gmail. IMAP is the email protocol best suited to access Gmail from Outlook. IMAP is more secure than POP3 protocol, which can also be used for Gmail Connectivity from Outlook. For setting up Outlook access for Gmail, IMAP feature in Gmail settings needs to be enabled. This can be done in Gmail settings, within Forwarding POP/IMAP

How to setup Gmail in Outlook

To enable Gmail connectivity from Outlook, click on File –> Account settings and Add or remove accounts. In the next screen, click New, select Email account and click next. Select manually configure server settings and click next. Select Internet email. Type in your name and email address and select IMAP in account type. Enter in incoming server field and in outgoing server field. Enter your full Gmail address in the user name field and fill in your password. Click on More settings and then advanced. In incoming server port enter 993 and 465 or 587 in outgoing server field. Select SSL from the drop down list for both incoming and outgoing servers. Select the Outgoing server Tab. Enable the check box: ‘My outgoing server requires authentication’ and use the same settings as incoming mail server. Click OK and Next and close. Now you can access your Gmail in Outlook. For more details, please check the Video on How to Setup Gmail in Outlook
Or watch it directly from the video below..

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