Unexpected Problem with MySQL Query in Linux
Posted Date Unknown Tom Thomas 2 Comments

Hi All,

Please the query below especially the two table names..

string strSelectQuery = "SELECT MAX(MsgID) AS MsgID FROM FRM_Message_TB ";

string strSelectQuery = "SELECT MAX(MsgID) AS MsgID FROM FRM_MESSAGE_TB ";

The last one executed correctly in Linux MySQL and the First one didn't executed correctly in Linux. In fact it thrown an Exception and I have to pay a big price for this because of its after effects (All messages got deleted because of  MsgID Returning -1 in program).

Any idea why the tables are case sensitive in Linux MySQL but not in Windows MySQL?


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Posted on: 02/08/2012
Hi Tom, 

This is due to the own OS storage system. So, case sensitive is extensible to the OS that manages the DBMS. This means that in Windows tables and databases are not case sensitive while in Linux they are.

MySQL provides a system variable lowe_case_table_names that affects how MySQL manages case sensitivity. You can get more info at:

Posted on: 02/08/2012
Hi Borja,

Thanks for the information. But it is really surprising that the SQL Standard didnt take care of this aspect as it might end up in big problems when we create cross platform SQL query ..

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