Armstrong Number Checker
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This article is about a project called “Armstrong Number Checker“ which is done in C++. This project helps you to develop a basic C++ console application with visual studio 6.0 and it upgrades VC++ 6.0 project to Visual Studio 2005 project. This project is about checking whether the number entered is Armstrong or not. Inputs are taken from console window and output is generated using concept of Armstrong number.

Screen Shot


This article assumes that you have some basic knowledge in C++ concepts like classes , objects,member functions etc.

Using the Project

You can open the project both in Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Studio 2005.

To open the project in Visual Studio 6.0:

1. Open the project folder and explore “.dsw” extension file.
2. Click “Build All” button to compile the project and then click the “Execute” button to display the output.
3. You can view and edit the project as the main source code is given in ‘CDrawBalloonView and CDrawBalloonDlg ’  classes.

To open the project in Visual Studio 2005:

1. Open the project folder and explore “.sln” extension file.
2. Click “Build Project” button from “Build” Menu to compile the project and then click “Start Debugging” button from “Debug” Menu to display the output.

Points of Interest

Some of the used features and classes of C++ in this project are: Win32 Console Application, console Application, Cin, Cout, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio 2005


04/01/2012 - Article Created

Please download the source code and the associated project binaries form the below link and try experimenting with the source code and binaries.

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