Video streamming using and
any guy is able to give me a challenging answer or solution for this .

I need a app running from server side and capture videos from web cam and store it in to the Remote server . It is possible thats i know , How we can do this using only a Visual ASP C# or ASP . Means simply like a web pages . Any any idea in your mind  then plz plz don't forgot to share here . plz plz think off it 



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Posted on: 07/06/2012
Any one can share the possibilities here ,

Normally how we can do ? with out any dedicated server , Client instalable packages . 

Trying to make simple and cost effective and more reliable

Posted on: 07/06/2012
Please see the scenario below..
Lets say you have an application which can stream video form PC or IP Video Camera With Streaming Option or Desktop Service with Streaming capability. For all these situation you can save the video streams form a server installed in a remote place and view it from server. You need to do the following task in order to develop a solution in the server side..

1. Develop a C#.NET windows service which contain a Streaming client (http cleints, rtsp clients, rtmp cleints etc)which can receive Video streams and store it in a folder.

2. Develop an ASP.NET application which can read stored videos from this folder and display the Video on demand. If you want to display the streaming video form video file folder , then you need to install media server like flash media server or open source media server like red 5 and then interface ASP.NET with these servers..

Hope this helps..


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Posted on: 23/11/2012
1) A video hosted in you tube , And embeded in html page using embed tag . and hosted in another server . Video is uploading to youtube from a camera .  and peoples are watching it from accessing the html page .My doubt is that

1) Which servers bandwidth is actually using by the video ?  The  You tube's or second server  ie html hosted  ?

2) The HTML page is run by the browser , So actually  communication is happening in between you tube server and  client system ? right or not ?
Posted on: 23/11/2012
1. YouTube server bandwidth.
2. When you render it on your browser normally it is directly contacting the youtube video server itself for streaming with the normal iFrame Embed code got from YouTube .

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Posted on: 24/11/2012
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