How to develop a Hello World Windows Device Driver
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In this tutorial, we will show you how to develop a basic Hello World Device Driver and call its functions from a basic C#.NET windows Application

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Posted on: 08/09/2016
I have a error when I run the program with OSRLOADER and "start service" it say " This driver has been blocked from loading" can you help me please.
Posted on: 08/09/2016

You might have tried out in 64 bit version of Windows. Please try out in 32 bit version of windows. By default 64 bit version of windows will not allow you to load drivers that are not signed.

Also the driver which I developed in the tutorial is compatible only for 32 bit.


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Posted on: 08/09/2016

Here is One question form a User

I saw your education and training Thank you for this


     But I have a question

How can I create a virtual Usb HID device using WDK on WIN7 32 bit?(add to device manger)

             And then I send and receive data?(application test)

              Please help me. Resources the Internet has misled me.

              please tell me a simple example

    I am impatiently waiting for your response

   Thank you very much


You Need to change the CreateIODevice routine in DriverEntry especially FILE_DEVICE_UNKNOWN part to USB_DEVICE Types and associated changes. Check DDK/WDK Sample and see the link below..



Posted on: 08/09/2016
Wow, how much did you give a quick answer
Thank you
How can I do with "VID/PID" make owen sample virual device
If possible take a simple example
Thank you
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Posted on: 08/09/2016
Hello Sir,

Could you please create the KMDF driver Demo tutorial on the similar basis.I need to know how access device_context(device_extension in WDM analogy) inside the event callbacks of KMDF driver.

(My ultimate purpose is to create the small kmdf driver which can store the data sent by USER mode app and can also send it back to Usermode whenever asked. [For maintaining the buffer/userdata in kernal mode inside Device i have created the Device_Context object inside the evDriverDeviceAdd routine But I am not sure how to access it in the event callabacks.(like evIoRead,evIoWrite..)]
Or could you please suggest alternate way to do it effectively.
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