Difference between Thread.Abort() and Thread.Interrupt()?
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What is the difference between Abort() and Interrupt() related to Threads?

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Posted on: 31/05/2012
I recommend you to avoid these methods, you should write your threads using normal synchronization objects. 

While Thread.Abort() just stop execution thread and don't close thread's handlers like files opened, etc. Thread.Interrupt() basically means "I don't care what you're waiting for, stop waiting for it" 

Posted on: 04/06/2012
I want stop the thread completely and need to free all its resources. What I need to use?
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Posted on: 13/06/2012
Sorry for delay,

As you must know, you can terminate a thread using ExitThread() or TerminateThread() from other thread. 
A terminated thread will continue to exist until the last handle to it is closed using
CloseHandle(), so you must careful when are using WaitForSingleObject() and WaitForMultipleObjects() using thread handles.

Remember that terminate a thread through ExitThread() and TerminateThread() set the object to the signaled state, releasing all other threads waiting on the object (including threads).
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