What are the risks if failing to upgrade from XP to W-8
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Apologies if this is the wrong forum. Having used Windows XP-Prof for so long I hesitate to move to Windows-8.Especially since I still do a lot of program development in Delphi 6. Will W-8 support Delphi 6?

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Posted on: 08/04/2014
I think the best fit for your requirement is Oracle Virtual Box so that you can run Windows XP in windows 8 Machine and inside Windows XP machine , you can install all your favorite applications including Delphi 6.

So these are the steps

1. Install windows 8
2. Install Oracle Virtual Box in Windows 8
3. Load WindowsXP in Virtual Box
4. Install all your programs in Windows XP

Hope this Helps..


Posted on: 08/04/2014
Sure does Tom. Thanks a stack!
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