Can I use C# Class in Android Studio
Posted Date Unknown Romesh Romesh 4 Comments

Actually I wanted to use a C# class inside android studio for business logic. Can you please provide some sample for the sample?

Thanks in Advance

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Posted on: 12/12/2013
AndroidStudio Addin was developed to use Visual Studio IDE to develop Android applications using Android SDK and Java. Software Developer who is used to Visual Studio and are not used to Eclipse IDE will find this tool useful..

Posted on: 12/12/2013
Thanks for Reply.

Actually I had Setup everything as you showed in video.

I tried HelloWorld android app too.

But now I wanted to create an android app whose business logic will be in C# class and remaining things will be as it is. Is it possible??
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Posted on: 12/12/2013
You can use this class below if needed to develop it on C#.NET..

Posted on: 13/12/2013

I tried mono.
Its very tough to digest. As compare to mono your tool is far better to understand. I just wanted some help to implement some business logic for example a simple calculator.

Do you have any project of such kind( For learning for a beginer)???
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