What are the MCC and MNC?
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Posted on: 12/07/2013
             MCC (Mobile Country Code) is a 3-digit code that identifies mobile
             stations in wireless telephone networks.
            MNC (Mobile Network Code) is a 2 or 3-digit code that uniquely
            identifies mobile phone operators.
            MCC and MNC are defined in ITU E.212
            (“Land Mobile Numbering Plan”).
            The following are MCC and MNC examples:
             Carrier name (country) MCC MNC
             British Telecom(UK) 234 00
                                  O2 (UK) 234 02, 10, 11
                       Vodafone (UK) 234 15
                       T-Mobile (UK) 234 30
              T-Mobile (Germany) 262 01, 06
              SK Telecom (Korea) 450 03, 05
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