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This article explains how to record audio from microphone and process the audio sample using DSP algorithms to produce altered audio output. In this article, I am using QAudioInput and QAudioOutput classes to record and play back to the input audio, and used Low pass filter algorithm to reduce noise in input audio. Here, I have tried to explain the low level audio processing using Qt. Here I am not explaining any complex DSP algorithms. It’s just a starting point to a better cross platform audio processing utility. You can implement your own algorithms or any complex algorithms to extend your ideas. I used Qt's audioinput and audio output examples to develop this utility.

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Posted on: 08/09/2016
This article explains how to record audio from microphone and process the audio sample using DSP algorithms. The altered audio can save or output to a speaker. here I written to the output device(speaker).

After click on play button speak through the microphone of your system.  you can hear your sounds from speaker.
Check your systems default audio devices. I used default audio devices for record and play  sound samples  
Posted on: 08/09/2016
Thanks Arun, yes it works now, what a nice code you wrote. 
Is it possible to stream audio from mic on one computer to another computer in the same network? do you have any sample code written in QT for that?

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Posted on: 08/09/2016
Please check this link
Posted on: 08/09/2016
Hi Arun,
Thanks for the code and information.
I am truing to run your code, and what I get is just the window that you have a plot of it in this document. When I press "play" nothing happens, can you please explain how the program works? What does it play? 
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