C#.net dll in VBA
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How to use C#.net dll in VBA? I wanted to do that with out registering it. I will put the dll in some folder and will give the path in the excel, and then I need to run this dll from the VBA code. I was able to get the dll but was not getting the method.

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Posted on: 04/02/2014
In order to call any DLL methods form VBA using any scripting language, you need to implement it as a COM Object and should implement IDispatch interface (scripting interface). In C#.NET . There might be articles in the net which will explain how to do this task.

To the best of my knowledge , there no direct way to access methods in a plane DLL

Posted on: 05/02/2014
Using kernel32 or Shell we can able to get the dll in VBA?
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Posted on: 05/02/2014
Is there an export from the kernel or shell API that allows the execution of managed code?
Posted on: 05/02/2014
VBA are designed to work only from within an application like MS Office or ot can at the most access COM enabled DLLs.. It is designed to call dll methods directly.. If you want call an DLL from VBA, create a COM component that call the DLL methods and expose COM method which can becalled form VBA application. Please dont forget to implement the IDispatch Interface. ATL Simple Object Applcation will do the task for you..

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Posted on: 05/02/2014
I mean ATL Wizard..

see this tutorial..


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