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How do we add a UDT struct in an ATL DLL. The ATL DLL has a function defined in the class and one of the parameters to be passes is a struct pointer .The struct needs to be defined in the project...I had defined that in one of the .h files can I include this file in the idl file or where it has to be placed.....I am stuck because of the struct email id is

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Posted on: 31/07/2013
You cannot simply pass a struct to a COM method. But you can pass a pointer to te struct and that is more than enough. All you need to do is use the parameter data type as VARIANT and use the byref variable to point the struct pointer variable to byref so that you can recive it inside the method..

so define the idl with the methods name and one paramater with variant type

the implement the .h and .cpp files accordingly..

Hope this helps..

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