Link functions with same name in different libraries
Posted Date Unknown Borja Prado 2 Comments

Hello, I have a dynamic library which redefine a system function. The problem is that when I call that function sometimes I link to the system function, sometimes with the dynamic library.

Is there any way to indicate which one in compile time? With any option of gcc / g+ + or putting some directive in the code?

Thanks, Borja.

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Posted on: 11/05/2012
If I understood your question properly, you need to call a function which is redefined a system function in the DLL, you can use the scope ( :: )resolution operator in C++, in order to distinguish between global function and your own function inside a class.

Another way is to use the #ifdef pre-processor directive which conditionally compiles your method...

Not sure about your exact requirements..

can you illustrate your problem with an example..


Posted on: 11/05/2012
Thank you very much, this helps me.
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