How to call web service from website?
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I created a web service.How can i call web service from my website?

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Posted on: 05/06/2012
You've to create a proxy class to consume the web service. This proxy class will be an intermediate between the Web page and the Web service. You can create the proxy class:

Using Web Reference:
For this, add web reference by entering the URL of the Web Service. After adding the Web service, you call the Web services APIs inside your web page.

Using WSDL tool:
For this, you've to create a separate proxy class, once the proxy class compiled into a DLL, move it to the in directory. Then you can use it through the web page to access the web service methods. (From VS command prompt, use Wsdl.exe to create a proxy class)
Posted on: 05/06/2012

I'm a beginner in u please make clear what is a proxy class?
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Posted on: 05/06/2012
i think you already created the web service.

you just follow this

right click solution explorer->add web reference->brows your service.

Posted on: 06/06/2012
You might be interested in the ASP.NET web service tutorial link below..


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Posted on: 06/06/2012
Thankyou..It works..
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