Error while building songbird
Posted Date Unknown BINTA PRASAD 3 Comments

While trying to build songbird i am getting the following error:

install -c -m 0755 /e/trunk/dependencies/windows-i686-msvc8/private/devicedriver
s/Philips/ActionsDriver.exe /e/trunk/compiled/dist/devicedrivers/Philips
install: cannot stat `/e/trunk/dependencies/windows-i686-msvc8/private/devicedri
vers/Philips/ActionsDriver.exe': No such file or directory

While trying to checkout the dependencies i am not getting the private/devicedrivers folder so the actionsdriver.exe is missing.Please help me to solve this.

Thanks in advance

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Posted on: 19/10/2012
Checkout the source using command line instead graphical  tool
Posted on: 19/10/2012
This might be there in some specific SVN branch or this driver might be publicly available in the internet. Check it and then let me know..


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Posted on: 19/10/2012
Also please search in the songbird forums for solutions..


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